Making digital transformation child's play

10 years & counting

For over a decade, webqem has partnered with Steve and Claire Ball to grow their online toy business. As they've expanded to encompass wholesale, we've transformed their digital presence to drive sales, optimise the customer experience and streamline operations. It's a true end-to-end online solution for B2C and B2B channels.


A digital reimagining

The expansion of the business into the wholesale space made fundamental digital presence and business operation changes vital.

The challenge from Steve & Claire

Streamline our business operations, delight our customers and set us up for the future.
  1. eCommerce platform

    Consolidate 2 different ecommerce systems into a single platform for both B2C and B2B

  2. UX

    Create a great experience for consumers and the trade

  3. Integration

    Fully integrate the eCommerce solution with new ERP and accounting systems

  4. Marketing automation

    Select and integrate a new marketing automation platform

  5. Digital marketing strategy

    Design and execute on a fresh digital marketing strategy for the retail channel, wholesale channels and key brands


Some assembly required

Every successful project needs planning and co-operation and, over our twenty years in the digital space, we've developed a highly efficient process to move from discovery to delivery to ongoing success - in partnership with our clients.

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What’s in the box


Getting the word out

A best-in-class digital marketing strategy was created to extend Johnco and Good to Play's reach - focussing on business growth and ensuring a seamless
customer experience.

The three key pillars

  • Benchmarking for success

    Know where you're starting from, set your KPIs and get the tracking and reporting rock-solid.

  • Data-led optimisation and targeting

    Attribute, measure and analyse... and maximise the marketing spend.

  • Effective messaging and creative

    Cut-through with effective messaging and creative across digital touch points including display, social and email.


The webqem team are true strategic partners. We've gone on a digital journey for over 10 years and they've challenged us and driven our business forward... all the while with our interests and success front-and-centre. The results from our recent website relaunch have been nothing short of spectacular!

Steve Ball CEO, Johnco


The future's just beginning

We definitely weren't playing around when it came to setting up Good to Play and Johnco's for success online.

  • 1275% Revenue up
  • 575% Traffic up
  • 12X Transaction volume increased

Good to Play Shop now

  • 112% Conversion rates up
  • 175% Revenue up
  • 186% Transactions up

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