Part of the international Luxottica group, OPSM is the largest retailer of eye glasses in Australia and New Zealand, with outlets also in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

400+ stores Across Australia and New Zealand
1939 The year OPSM was founded
Worldwide Part of the International Luxottica Group

The Beginning

OPSM was looking for a comprehensive overhaul of their online strategy and presence.
Up against the 6 best digital agencies in the country, OPSM chose webqem as their digital partner.

Phase 1: Insights

Getting to know the business

Before recommending or delivering a thing, we immersed ourselves in all areas of Luxottica's business; from operations, to marketing, to logistics and retail.

Customer Behaviour How often do customers purchase?
Business Insights How do you communicate with them?
Customer Segmentation Who are the customers? Where are they?
Product Knowledge How do you help customers choose frames? How do you recommend lens option?

We're insight driven.

Only when we fully understand the business goals and customer insights can we deliver truly transformative strategy solutions.

Larry Adler
webqem operations director

Opportunities we discovered during Phase 1

Improve experience in booking
Create an online sales channel
Develop engaging in-store experiences

Phase 2: Optimise & Build

The Challenge

With a 9 step process, OPSM's online eye-test booking experience was somewhat daunting.

Insights from satisfaction surveys made it clear that customers were frustrated and unsure where they were in the process.

Worse still, an ever increasing number of mobile visitors had no effective online booking method.

Our Solution

Distilling the process down to the basics and working with OPSM’s infrastructure, IT and POS teams, we reduced the amount of information the customer needed to provide.

Direct access to the POS system allowed us to design a much more helpful, information rich experience - with customers able to see what appointments are available with individual optometrists.

Selecting a suitable appointment

The OPSM booking engine allows users to select their preferred time for an appointment, showing available time slots and available Optometrists.

Users are shown where they are in the booking process Select preferred or see available optometrists Available time slots

Picking preferred store with Google Maps

The familiar Google map customised with the OPSM 'heart' logo makes it easy for users to see where stores are located in their selected area.

Recognisable and familiar location service Click to proceed with booking Various locations shown in the vicinity

Simplifying the process

Predictive entry fields and smart algorithms greatly speed up the time needed to enter information.

Start typing for a predictive result Filtering by technology, with tooltip for more info

The Result

  • A huge and immediate increase in booking conversions (hundreds of percent).
  • A leap in direct contact with stores via the find-a-store functionality.
  • Mobile increased from 0.1% of bookings to 14%

Phase 3: Boost

Increase engagement and traffic with Multi-channel Integrated Campaigns

Right from the very inception of ideas we work collaboratively with OPSM and their above-the-line agency, tying back to strategy and business goals at every stage to develop great digital campaigns with clear, measurable results.

Leveraging sponsorship deals such as the AFL, NRL, and Cricket Australia to connect fans with the brand increasing engagement and awareness.

  • OPSM Sunshine Tour
  • Prescription Sun
  • Sponsorship
  • OPSM Sunshine Tour

    The OPSM Van

    OPSM parked an ice-cream van throughout NSW, QLD, and VIC for the public to try on sunglasses and have their picture taken.

    Instagram Snapshots

    Shot with Instagram, and posted to the OPSM Facebook page, people were encouraged to 'LIKE' their favourite photos.

    The OPSM face of Summer

    People who had the most likes won a chance to become the face of OPSM the following Summer.


    Supported by Social Media, E-Mail, Blogs and a prominent banner campaign.

    Prescription Sun


    Prescription Sunglasses

    OPSM launched a campaign to promote their wide range of sunglasses now available with prescription lenses.

    Facebook Puzzle Maker

    To coincide and raise awareness of the campaign, a Facebook game was developed. A test of visual skill, the game challenged users to solve a photo puzzle as quickly and in as few moves as possible.



    Colour Match Countdown

    A simple but addictive game developed for OPSM to test users visual abilities and reflexes, bringing awareness to OPSM's digital retinal scan technology.


    Team Colours Countdown was launched in conjunction with sponsorships with the AFL and NRL.

    Team Colours Countdown

    Off the back of an incredibly successful 'Colour Match Countdown' Facebook App, the game was repurposed to provide a competition mechanic around the OPSM sponsorship of AFL and NRL umpires and referees.

    Phase 4: Build




    Get an online sunglasses store live in under 2 months.


    Working with marketing, product, distribution, and sales and finance departments within OPSM we integrated both the ERP system and logistics network (TNT) into an online solution with multiple store-fronts - covering both Australia and New Zealand.

  • Wireframes
  • Building
  • Complete
  • Live
  • Site structure, e-commerce features and user interface was planned out in wireframe form. This went through several iterations working closely with OPSM's sales, marketing and logistics team.
    Artwork, and interface design elements were created working in conjunction with OPSM's marketing team. The ATL Agency who provided hundreds of product photos which were reformatted for thumbnail and detail shots.
    Design was cut up, finessed and polished to work with the Magento e-Commerce platform.
    Responsive design allowed the site to work across multiple screen sizes, taking advantage of increasing number of tablet and smartphone users. The site was then rigorously tested to ensure consistency across all platforms.


    Magento Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility.
    HTML5 Building to the latest in web-standards provides an efficient, accessible platform that’s search-friendly and ready to extend in the future.
    CSS3 CSS3 Rich styling provides transitions that enhance the user experience, without resorting to complex scripted solutions or flash.
    Google Analytics Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site.

    The Result

    • A deeper and more relevant customer experience and engagement
    • Project delivered in under 8 weeks, on schedule
    • Fully integrated solution, covering AU/NZ markets working across all devices


    OPSM engaged webqem as a full service digital agency
    Tactical social media campaigns including competitions and games
    E-Commerce and Mobile Specific E-Commerce experiences
    Holistic partnership with OPSM, their partners and suppliers
    Fully integrated campaigns leveraging sponsorship deals and media bookings
    A successful partnership in delivering engaging online experiences
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