Adobe Experience Manager Communities

Adobe Experience Manager Communities is an on-demand, cloud-based solution that allows marketers and sales enablement groups to create a community focused approach to learning and knowledge sharing, empowering and enabling your customer-facing team members.

Stay a step ahead

Stay a step ahead

Customers interacting with front-line staff come armed with the latest information gathered from digital chanels. It's now more vital than ever that your customer-facing staff and channel partners are up-to-date with the latest information and help they need to learn and grow. Adobe Experience Manager Communities gives you just that - getting your content live on desktop and mobile devices in literally minutes.

Truly social learning

Truly social learning

Sharing of knowledge and insights in the enterprise is increasingly social and informal. Now there's a way to capture and harness that knowledge. Allow knowledge to flourish and grow across the user community with user-generated content and rating, tagging, and discussion with peers - allowing you to identify and leverage community experts and allow the free flow of insights.

Make it personal

Adobe Experience Manager Communities makes it easy for learners to find the right content, and for organisations to track and analyse usage.

Personalise learning experiences

Personalise learning experiences

Adobe Experience Manager Communities ensures that users can easily find and self-enrol into content that is personally relevant for them. You can provide dynamic content recommendations based on a learner’s group membership or interests, and ensure that content is easily surfaced without any searching.

Track effectiveness

Track interactivity and content effectiveness

Gain real-time analytics and charts to instantly grasp trends, successes, and issues that can be acted on immediately - from content views and video drop-off details, through to metrics on overall community participation and interactivity.

Anytime, anywhere

Adobe Experience Manager Communities has been designed to work beautifully on mobile devices, allowing users to find and access content, complete courses, interact with others, and gain insights at the moment of need. This isn't just convenient. It’s critical for field enablement use cases where content must be accessible at a moments notice.

Why webqem?

We have a 17 year track record in providing enterprise-grade digital solutions, and as an Adobe Solutions Partner we're uniquely placed to help you unlock the full potential of Adobe Experience Manager Communities.

We design and build best practice e-learning solutions fully integrated with existing Learning Management Systems. We're also an Adobe Training Centre and a full service digital agency. Our philosophy is to be a trusted guide, developing the right solution, tailored for your needs.

Our in-house team works with you to design and configure the right solution. You might also be glad to hear we also live in the real world, and we understand the importance of maximising your ROI as quickly as possible.