We design and build best practice e-learning solutions fully integrated with existing Learning Management Systems

We're also an Adobe Training Centre and a full service digital agency. Our philosophy is to be a trusted guide, developing the right solution, tailored for your needs.

You might also be glad to hear we live in the real world, and we understand the importance of maximising your ROI as quickly as possible. Take a closer look at how we can help you reach your learning outcomes.


Content Strategy

Content is key to engagement. We'll guide you on the best approach to designing, procuring and delivering your elearning content – all with a keen eye on ROI and cost of delivery.

Should you buy off-the-self generic content? How do you keep your content fresh and updated in a timely manner? How should your content be tracked? Will you need to deliver it live or self paced, synchronously or asynchronously?

Is your content mobile enabled and future proofed? We'll help you navigate your options and develop a clear strategy.


Mobile Learning

The use of mobile devices continues to increase each and every month.

Making your content available and optimized for mobile delivery is vital – and the requirements go deeper than just 'making it fit'.

It's important to ensure your content engages and can be interacted with effectively. We'll help you navigate the best path to mobile delivery, looking at what tools you can use to create content that works across all devices, and how you can best update existing content to work on mobile.


Social Learning

Just as social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have transformed so much of what we do on the web, online learning is being transformed by social tools that leverage the power of your learning community.

Connectivity between peers, recommendations and ratings provide a way for users to select the best learning content and spend their time effectively. Knowledge is shared more broadly across the organisation in all directions (rather than just top-down).


Blended Learning

Everyone's different, and everyone learns in different ways. Blended learning is all about putting control into your learners hands.

Ideally, your content should be able to be used offline, online, live and self-paced. Some content will be better placed in an individual learning setting and some will benefit from social integration.

Let us help create your online learning strategy and develop the right mix of content and the right support of different modes of learning to achieve your organisation's learning outcomes.



'Gamification' is driving a transformation in online learning, keying in to the basic principles of challenge and competition.

By emulating some of the qualities of engaging online games you can significantly increase usage of online learning materials and positively affect learning outcomes.

We can help you align your strategy with gamification, looking at the content, the game levels (badging) and how to track and report in a cost effective way.


Virtual Classrooms

Webqem has over 12 years of experience in helping over 300 organisations in their online, live classrooms through Adobe Connect.

We've helped universities, government departments and corporate clients with platform selection, best practice in Virtual classrooms, engaging content creation and classroom custom pods.

We'll also ensure you have the right reporting and management set up. Find out more about how Adobe Connect can deliver you the ideal live online classroom solution.


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

With a long history in online learning, webqem has developed solutions integrated with many different learning systems including Moodle and Blackboard, Sum Total and Saba.

We're also working with new LMS products on the market, such as PULSE, Canvas and Captivate Prime, and partnering with eSyncTraining to provide Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to connect your LMS with Adobe Connect across learning systems.

Whatever your needs, we'll help you evaluate the ideal solution for your budget, reporting and user experience needs.


Pre-made (Off the shelf) Content

Content creation can be a lengthy task and an expensive investment.

In many cases, it makes sense to leverage existing content from reputable suppliers.

webqem has access to a range of pre-made content that can be rented for your team on an annual basis.

Courses include: Computer skills, Sales skills, Management Skills and First Aid.


Adobe Training for Captivate, Presenter and Connect

webqem designs and builds engaging online learning content using the latest creative tools from Adobe.

We're also an Adobe Training Centre.

This means you get the very best trainers to help get your people up to speed quickly, designing and building great online training materials with the best tools available.