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In an ever more atomised digital landscape, it can be hard to know where to focus your digital marketing to get the best results. Search, social channels, display advertising, direct emails... the list goes on. And so do the options for monitoring and analysing performance.

We're a full service digital agency, providing you with a clear strategy to solve your digital marketing problems and a complete turnkey solution from creative and design to execution, monitoring and management.

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  • Facebook
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Digital Marketing Strategy

The webqem team can help with all aspects of your go-to-market strategy - making sure the right content gets to the right audiences in the most cost effective way. We'll get to know your goals and needs and understand your business before developing a content strategy across email, sms, social and search channels to get you the best return on investment. And we'll put in place robust tracking and measurement to help optimise your spend going forward.

Our team has had years of experience online, supporting digital execution for organisations of all sizes; from small business to multinationals.



Digital marketing provides you with unparalleled opportunity for brand engagement and conversion. With a proven track record spanning back nearly two decades, our team balance the message and the medium to create great campaign creative across social media, banner and text display ads, landing pages and email templates.

From copywriting through design, animation and execution, we'll make sure your brand is championed and your results maximised through a cohesive, compelling campaign.


Search Campaigns

Besides email marketing, the most common strategies to drive traffic include the creation of Google Adwords campaigns and leveraging the power of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our Google-certified practitioners can set up and manage your search campaigns, and our social media gurus can create the ideal campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Have an ecommerce store? We'll make sure Google Shopping is listing your products correctly. If you're a business that has multiple locations, our team can help you with all your local listings and ensure your citations are up to date, helping your prospects find your business quickly and easily.


Search Engine Optimisation

Make the most of organic searches and optimise your site to maximise your search listings.

Our Google-certified search specialists spend their time keeping up to date with Google's ever changing algorithms. They'll review what your customers are looking for and provide you with content strategies and a plan of action to lift your search profile, get noticed and grab the audience you need.


Landing Pages and Site Optimisation

It goes without saying that creating a great campaign – whether across social media, email or search – requires a great landing page or destination on your site to complete the experience.

We'll help you make sure your site is ready for your campaign traffic. We can create custom landing pages that include competition and data capture. If your existing site platform or environment makes adding custom pages difficult, we can even set up an entirely new landing page destination on a custom URL (web address). In short, we've got you covered for a great, end-to-end campaign experience.


Online competitions

If you’re looking to drive engagement, expose your brand, build your social media audience and grow your email subscribers, an online competition can prove highly effective.

We design, build and deliver custom online competitions, quizzes and giveaways that run cross-platform – as stand-alone landing pages, embedded into your existing site, on Facebook… or all of the above.

In addition to creating a complete competition experience within Facebook, our solutions provide advanced sharing features across Twitter and YouTube. Start engaging your audience with a hashtag, user-generated-content contest and you’ve got a recipe for a real viral success.


Analytics & Insights

There's no shortage of ways to gather a mountain of data on your campaign, but without insights it's just a pile of numbers.

We'll set your campaign up for success, ensuring the right data is captured to meet your goals using tools such as Google Analytics. Then we'll help bring you the insights you need to act; enabling you to test and target your content and continue to optimise your online marketing.

It all adds up to better customer engagement, greater efficiency and higher revenue.

Some of the brands we've helped build online

  • 99 Bikes
  • Adventure Kokoda
  • Commsec
  • Crowne Plaza
  • George & Matilda
  • Good to play
  • Helly Hansen
  • Holiday Inn
  • Independence Australia
  • Intercontinental Hotels
  • Jaguar
  • Landrover
  • LASS
  • OMB
  • OPSM
  • Sail Exchange
  • Shorty's Liquor