Why your business needs Customer Identity Management

Customer Identity Management provides the tools you need to collect and manage customer data, then use it to improve cross-channel experiences across touch-points.

Know your customers on a deeper level

Know your customers on a deeper level

Get a single customer view across channels

Get a single customer view across channels

Turn data into lasting relationships and results

Turn data into lasting relationships and results

Gain a single customer view

As a marketer, you manage an arsenal of online marketing tools aimed at reaching consumers with the right messaging at the right moments – only to find that these solutions often provide immeasurable or mediocre results.

By putting Gigya and customer identity at the centre of your marketing strategy, you gain the single customer view needed to power relevant experiences, genuine relationships and real ROI across channels.

Understand Your Customers

Understand Your Customers

Implement user registration and on-site engagement tools - no coding required - to identify customers and gain access to their permission-based identity and behavioural data. Consolidate data across channels to get a single customer view with Gigya’s 50+ marketing and service application integrations.

Create Relevant Experiences

Create Relevant Experiences

Turn customer insight into action with the ability to view, query, segment and export customer data, with no IT intervention needed. Leverage Gigya's pre-built data integrations to create customized, cohesive customer journeys across the marketing and service platforms you're already using.

Maximise & Measure Impact

Maximize & Measure Impact

Tie users' identity data, on-site behaviors and cross-channel activities to individual customer profiles to accurately measure, estimate and attribute marketing ROI. Identity-driven business decisions save time, cut costs and drive conversions across marketing channels.

The technology

Customer Identity and Access Management (cIAM) and traditional IAM vary significantly in terms of function and performance requirements.

While traditional IAM systems excel at managing employee identities, cIAM solutions must adapt to handling the massive scale and variety of unstructured data inherent to managing the identities of your customers.

The notion that one can simply be adapted to serve the requirements of the other is unrealistic. cIAM demands a new set of rules and expectations.

Gigya's Customer Identity Management Platform offers a more intelligent and efficient way to collect and organise your customer data, so you can make better informed decisions and maximize its value.

Collect and Manage all of the Data

Collect and Manage all of the Data

The heart of Gigya's cIAM Platform is a dynamic schema database that manages and consolidates all of your permission-based profile and behavioral data-structured and unstructured-creating a unified customer view that you can access via console reporting tools or directly through the API.

Full indexing maximizes the breadth of queries you can run. Your data is normalized and always retrievable.

A hassle-free solution

Collect and Manage all of the Data

All of this flexibility and power is implemented with a single API that connects to more than 35 social networks and third-party identity providers (IdPs). All kinds of user data can be seamlessly collected and managed: shares, comments, likes, clicks, tags, text analytics and more.

Gigya takes care of all API and privacy compliance updates, so you can focus on running your organisation.

Integration of marketing and IT systems

Add value to your cloud-based CRM Systems, CMS, eCommerce, analytics and other deployments by integrating Gigya with your existing marketing technologies...

Adobe Analytics
Adobe Audience Manager
Google Doubleclick
Google Analytics

Why webqem?

We have a 17 year track record in providing enterprise-grade digital solutions, and we're Australia's first Gigya Approved Partner.

We'll work with you to understand your unique needs and shape the ideal solution mix. We firmly believe in partnering with our clients - becoming a trusted guide for everything from strategy through to implementation and ongoing support.

A full-service digital agency partner - we can help with creative, development, integration, hosting and analytics services. You might also be glad to hear we also live in the real world, and we understand the importance of maximising your ROI as quickly as possible.


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