Ideal for Franchising, Multi-brand or Multi-site Organisations

Whatever the size or structure of your organisation, managing social media at scale can be complex without the right solution. Manalto is an enterprise-grade social media tool. It allows you to efficiently manage social media content and maintain alignment to your operations and core marketing activities.

The power of Manalto lies in its capacity to align to your business structure. Control branding and messaging from head office without losing the ability to engage locally. You will be in the company of these leading local and international organisations.

  • Dream Dinners
  • Cumulus
  • Redbull
  • GNC
  • Viceroy
  • QU
  • Liberty Tax Service

Take control of your social media

Multi-Unit Structure

Multi-Unit Structure

With Manalto, you can centrally manage your social media accounts and users. Further, Manalto's software allows you to replicate your multi-unit structure. Tagging functionality allows you to filter your social media presence to run targeted campaigns with efficient, localised engagement.


Community Engagement

Update and engage multiple communities simultaneously. Create a campaign, publish a post and broadcast updates to one or more communities instantly.

Deliver flexibility and efficiencies in multi-community management.

Brand Management

Brand Management

Promote and protect your brand consistently across your social media communities, managing your accounts under one roof. Manalto's built-in hierarchical structure, media library and user management features allow efficient management of your brand story.

User Control & Risk Management

User Control and Risk Management

Manalto's granular user management system delivers complete user control allowing your organisation to efficiently co-ordinate, view and track social media management at scale. Set up your user structure to mirror your organisation structure at company, regional, division, unit and individual level, tracking all user activity. Enterprise-grade controls allow greater co-ordination.

Optimised for All Devices

Optimised for All Devices

Manalto is optimised for all devices with a responsive design to ensure your users can login, update and engage via desktop, tablet and mobile.

Optimised for All Devices

Broadcast Updates

Manalto delivers the capability to update content, publish campaigns, posts and comments across multiple Facebook pages and apps and across multiple social media communities. Delivering efficiency at scale.

Media Library

Store and share approved media assets with your user network from a built in media library. Maintain consistent and coordinated management of your brand across your social media accounts.

Analytics & Insights

Manalto's analytics allow you to monitor user performance and provides intelligent insights to help to shape data-driven, digital marketing activity.

Publishing Control

Manalto's hierarchical user management function gives you the ability to assign publishing permissions to a granular level, delivering maximum control over who can author, approve, post and publish. Controlled engagement delivering risk management.

Facebook App Editor

With Manalto's advanced Facebook App Editor, an organisation can customise multiple Facebook apps on each Facebook page. Showcase your business on-brand and provide another channel for customers to transact.

Built for the cloud

Manalto provides robust, scalable, cloud-based social content management software with built-in security and control measures.

Why webqem?

At the forefront of digital solutions for over 17 years, webqem has produced original and engaging social media solutions for organisations as varied as SuperRugby, OPSM, Macquarie Applied Finance Centre, Larry Adler Ski & Outdoor, Oneworld, Origin Energy and CommSec.

  • OPSM
  • Macquarie University
  • Super Rugby
  • oneworld
  • CommSec
  • origin
  • Larry Adler

From complete social media strategies to governance models or just simple, practical advice and guidance, we'll partner with you to help you meet your goals. webqem is the strategic Manalto partner covering the Asia-Pacific region.