The Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution (URMS) is a highly flexible and secure licensing solution. Whether you're a publisher, content creator, retailer, library or handling a document management system, URMS will facilitate your business.

An API-based service, easily adapted to your individual needs, URMS comes with a development kit based on the Readium Rendering Engine. It offers a wide set of options to revoke, extend or renew your customer’s licenses without triggering their activity.

Why use Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution (URMS)?


There are many tools available to easily circumvent current DRMs. We call these “one-click” hacks and they contribute to widespread piracy.

Sony DADC's solution keeps easy "one-click" hacks off the market because their URMS is "renewable."


Sony DADC URMS is a lightweight, API-based solution both for encryption and decryption – you don’t need to license a server.

It’s designed to work with the Readium Foundation’s open-source e-reading rendering engine allowing reading app developers to have a seamless experience for their users.


This is perhaps the most important characteristic of URMS. 

URMS can do everything from ruthlessly lock a file down to enabling a wide range of sharing options, whether for paying consumers or for free distribution, across educational, professional, corporate, library and retail use-cases, supporting pay-per-download or subscription. Content owners have an endless array of choices to support current and future business models and marketing and promotional strategies - reducing friction with customers.

How it works



Digital content is created using desktop software, including the integration of multimedia components, and output to PDF or EPUB formats.



URMS controls rights management and encryption for content protection; and secure content fulfillment for delivery to customer device.



URMS Reader integrates with existing online bookstores or eCommerce technologies, libraries and educational solutions to provide a seamless purchase and fulfillment experience.



Consumption of content on a customers device occurs via URMS Reader eReader, which is a free application for Mac or Windows OS, or a white label app, for tablets, mobiles and e-readers.

You're in good company

Why webqem?

webqem are global experts in eBook solutions including the use of Sony DADC User Rights Management System (URMS) and custom eBook reader design using URMS Reader.

  • Webqem is a Sony DADC eBook Solution Partner and a full service digital agency.
  • We can deliver a complete turn-key solution, creating content, building an eCommerce store, hosting and managing your server and designing a custom reader mobile app.
  • We can help you with developing a strategy for mobile content, monetisation, security and access.
  • Our philosophy is to be a trusted guide, developing just the right tailored solution for your needs.
  • Our in-house team works with you to design and configure the right solution.
  • You might also be glad to hear we also live in the real world, and we understand the importance of maximising your ROI as quickly as possible.

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