Video content has the power to inform, entertain and engage audiences

Video can massively increase comprehension, brand exposure and retention - communicating more, faster. We get excited about the potential of video to transform the way online content is created, delivered and enjoyed. Here are three good reasons why:

81% of Australian internet users watch online video

89% of online Australians watch video content on Facebook1

Online video ad spend grew 50% in 2011 and 67% in 2012

68% of Australians used a streaming video on demand (SVOD) solution in 20172

Video on tablets and mobile devices has doubled quarter on quarter since 2011

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic3

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  • 22017 Screen Australia
  • 3Merchant Marketing Group

You're in good company

Top publishers and brands around the world are using our video solutions to drive viewership, commerce and customer loyalty.

Parliament of Australia
Larry Adler Ski & Outdoor
Real Estate Australia
Sydney Opera House
Village Cinemas

Know your audience

Choosing the right platform to deliver high quality video at high speed is just the start

To really ramp up your results you need to first understand...your results. Which video content is working and why? Who are your audience and what are they using to view your videos? Where do they drop out? A tailored analytics solution will not only collect the data you need, but provide the finely grained insights that will help you refine and hone your content - constantly improving engagement and response.

We work with the premier video platforms

Delivering video to multiple devices and screen types and providing video content management, live streaming, monetisation, tracking and those all-important analytics.

It's in the details that each platform comes into its own. We'll help you navigate the solutions and choose the ideal platform for your needs and budget.


Brightcove is a global video hosting and publishing solution. The Brightcove Video Cloud gives you everything you need to deliver professional quality video to audiences on every screen, across all devices.

With over 4,800 clients and serving 70 countries, Brightcove is a proven partner to scale with your business growth.


Today, Vimeo is much more than a viewing destination. It's a start-to-finish video platform giving creative professionals, businesses and organisations everything they need to make and market amazing, impactful videos.

Vimeo is an ideal solution for SMEs through to large enterprises.


Since 2005 YouTube has revolutionised Internet video.

Now, more than ever, a YouTube channel is a pillar of most social media strategies.

Whether a custom branded channel, an integrated campaign, a low-cost video streaming solution or to simply make use of YouTube's free delivery capabilities, webqem will help you maximise your success with YouTube.

How webqem can help you deploy your digital solutions

Platform Selection

Migration of video assets to new system

Integration services

Custom player and front-end development

Train and Support your team

Live and Self-Paced video delivery