Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introducing Captivate

    • Introducing Captivate
    • Previewing a Captivate project
    • Exploring Captivate’s working environment
  • Unit 2: Recording a Demonstration

    • Describing the workflow process
    • Recording an application demonstration
    • Previewing and saving a demonstration
    • Best practices for recording projects
    • Record a Video Demo
  • Unit 3: Editing a Demonstration

    • Using the Filmstrip
    • Editing text captions
    • Inserting new text captions
    • Working with pointer paths
    • Changing highlight box properties
  • Unit 4: Working with Objects in the Timeline

    • Using the Timeline
    • Exploring the major components of the Timeline
    • Previewing a slide using the playhead
    • Changing the slide timing
    • Changing the order of object layers
  • Unit 5: Working with Images & Objects

    • Inserting images
    • Resizing images
    • Aligning images
    • Stacking objects / images
    • Merging objects / images
    • Adding sound to a specific image
    • Using Smart Objects
    • Inserting Characters
    • Inserting Video
  • Unit 6: Publishing Your Project

    • Checking the spelling of your project
    • Editing the Skin Editor
    • Inserting a Table of Contents
    • Setting movie preferences
    • Resizing your project
    • Analysing bandwidth
    • Publishing your project to
    • SWF
    • HTML5
    • Adobe Connect
    • Media
    • YouTube
    • Email
    • FTP
    • Print
    • Exporting from Captivate to Flash
    • Using the HTML5 Tracker
  • Unit 7: Adding Audio

    • Describing audio features
    • Recording a custom-sized project
    • Recording audio while creating a new project
    • Calibrating your microphone
    • Adding audio to an existing project
    • Importing audio files
    • Editing audio files
    • Importing background audio
    • Closed Captioning
    • Accessibility and 508 Compliance
    • Speech Management
  • Unit 8: Recording a Simulation

    • Recording an assessment simulation project
    • Customizing recording options
    • Inserting click boxes
    • Importing PowerPoint slides
    • Inserting buttons
    • Inserting text entry boxes
  • Unit 9: Adding Animation

    • Introducing rollover captions and images
    • Inserting rollover captions
    • Inserting rollover images
    • Inserting text animation
    • Inserting animation
    • Insert Interactions
    • Insert Widgets
  • Unit 10: Adding a Quiz and Question Slides

    • Planning for questions
    • Inserting and understand each type of question
    • Multi-choice and Multi-answer
    • True/False & Yes/No
    • Fill-in-the-blank
    • Short Answer
    • Matching
    • Hot Spot
    • Sequence
    • Rating Scale (Likert)
    • Random Question
    • Editing a question slide
    • Understand the different options for each question type
    • Introducing branching
    • Creating a multiple path
    • Setting reporting options and tracking interactions
    • Sending scoring results and tracking simulations
    • Quiz Properties
    • Quiz Preferences and Settings
    • Insert a Pre-test
    • Understand GIFT File format

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