Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom

The Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom course includes the knowledge and hands-on practice needed to create and host Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom.

Topics include scheduling virtual classrooms; displaying content in virtual classrooms; using audio and video during virtual classrooms; customizing the virtual classroom; interacting with participants; and recording/editing virtual classrooms.

The Events Management allows you to rapidly create the branded emails and a web space that will help drive traffic to your registration page and expose your message to wider audiences.

You will also learn how to manage the full life cycle of large or small events, including registration, invitations, reminders, surveys and reports.

The Adobe Connect Training course includes creating courses and curriculums, attendee qualification, branding, recording, registration, reporting and notification functions, catalog and results tracking.

Course Outline

Day 1: Virtual Classrooms

  • Introducing Adobe Connect Applications

    • Introducing Adobe Connect Applications
    • Introducing Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom
    • Introducing Adobe Presenter
    • Introducing Adobe Connect Training
    • Introducing Adobe Connect Events
    • Introducing the Adobe Connect Central
  • Creating an Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom

    • Creating a Virtual Classroom
    • Selecting Participants
    • Sending Invitations
    • Navigating Within a Virtual Classroom
  • Managing an Adobe Connect Virtual Classroom

    • Controlling Access to a Virtual Classroom
    • Setting and Viewing Connection Properties
    • Managing Attendees
  • Sharing Presentations

    • Loading PowerPoint slides
    • Using Presentation Controls
    • Changing a Participant's View
    • Sharing an Adobe Presentation
    • Sharing a Quiz in an Adobe Presentation
    • Sharing an Image
  • Customising the Viewing Experience

    • Maximising Pods within the Connect Virtual Classroom Application Window
    • Maximising the Connect Virtual Classroom Application Window on the Computer Screen
    • Maximising the Share Pod on the Computer Screen
    • Reviewing Full Screen Best Practices
    • Reviewing Ways to Maximise Pods
  • Using a Whiteboard

    • Collaborating Using a Whiteboard
    • Using a Whiteboard Overlay
    • Saving Whiteboard Content
  • Using Screen Sharing

    • Introducing Screen Sharing
    • Sharing your Desktop
    • Controlling the Screen Share View as a Participant
    • Sharing Multiple Applications or Windows
    • Pausing and Annotating a Snapshot
    • Previewing your Screen Share
    • Granting Remote Control of Applications
    • Reviewing Best Practices for Optimising the Experience
  • Managing the Virtual Classroom Library

    • Understanding the Structure of the Virtual Classroom Library
    • Managing and Organising Virtual Classrooms
    • Viewing and Editing Virtual Classroom Information
    • Managing Associated Virtual Classroom Content
    • Viewing Virtual Classroom Reports
    • Introducing Seminars
  • Customising Pod Display

    • Reviewing Best Practices for Customising Virtual Classrooms
    • Adding, Hiding, Deleting Pods
    • Making Pods Visible Only to Presenters
  • Customising and Saving Layouts

    • Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Layouts
    • Preparing Other Layouts During a Virtual Classroom
    • Saving a Room as a Template
  • Using Audio and Webcam

    • Broadcasting Presenter Audio
    • Using Voice Over IP for Conversations
    • Reviewing Best Practices for Broadcasting Audio
    • Broadcasting multiple Videos
    • Reviewing Best Practices for Broadcasting Video
  • Managing Text Messages and Questions

    • Sending Text Messages
    • Moderating Chat Using QnA
  • Sharing Files, Polls and Web Links

    • Sharing Files
    • Running a Poll
    • Opening Web Pages in Attendee Browsers
  • Recording Connect Virtual Classroom

    • Locating Virtual Classroom Recordings
    • Playing Virtual Classroom Archives
    • Editing Virtual Classroom Recordings
    • Downloading Virtual Classroom Recordings as FLV
    • Managing Virtual Classroom Archives
  • Using Breakout Rooms

    • Setting Up Breakout Rooms
    • Managing Breakout Rooms

Day 2: Events, Training Management & Administration & Reporting

  • Events in Adobe Connect

    • Introducing Connect
    • Performing Pre-event tasks
    • Creating a new Connect event
    • Performing In-event tasks
    • Performing Post-event tasks
    • Editing Connect Events
    • Administering and Customising Connect Events
    • Event tags
    • Email Aliases
    • Campaign IDs
    • Event Catalog
    • Managing Event and Email Templates
  • Managing the Adobe Connect Content Library

    • Understanding the Structure of the Content Library
    • Managing and Organising Content
    • Viewing and Editing Presentation Information
    • Downloading Presentations
    • Searching for Presentations
    • Uploading Content to the Content Library
    • Viewing Content Reports
  • Creating an Adobe Connect Training Course

    • Introducing Adobe Connect Training
    • Creating a New Course
    • Viewing Course Reports
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Classrooms

    • Understanding Virtual Classrooms
    • Creating a Virtual Classroom
    • Managing and Running a Virtual Classroom
  • Creating an Adobe Connect Training Curriculum

    • Understanding Training Curriculum
    • Creating a Training Curriculum
    • Adding External Training Items to a Curriculum
    • Organising Curriculum Items into Folders
    • Assigning Learning Object Dependencies
    • Setting Up Curriculum Enrolment
    • Viewing Curriculum Reports
    • Reviewing Best Practices for Creating Training Curriculum
  • Administration & Reporting

    • Managing and setting up Account Settings
    • Understanding the license
    • Managing Users and Groups
    • Managing Compliance and Control Settings
    • Exporting data to Excel
    • Working with the data to create reports

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