Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Applications

    • Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Applications
    • Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Meeting
    • Introducing Adobe Presenter
    • Navigating an Adobe Presentation
    • Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Training
    • Introducing Adobe Connect Pro Events
    • Introducing the Adobe Connect Pro Central
  • Unit 2: Adding Audio

    • Recording Slide Narration
    • Editing Audio
    • Importing Audio
    • Adding PowerPoint Animations
    • Synchronising Audio and Animations
    • Reviewing Best Practices for Recording Audio
  • Unit 3: Publishing an Adobe Presentation

    • Publishing Presentations
    • Setting Presentation Properties
    • Packaging a Presentation for Distribution
    • Publishing a Presentation to an Adobe Acrobat PDF
    • Publishing to the Adobe Connect Pro Server
    • Updating an Adobe Presentation on the Server
  • Unit 4: Customising Adobe Presentations

    • Setting Slide Navigation Settings
    • Adding Presenter Information
    • Changing the Presentation Theme
    • Creating a Custom Theme
    • Attaching Files
    • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Unit 5: Adding Flash Content and Video

    • Embedding Flash Content
    • Enabling Complete Playback of Non-Interactive Flash SWF Files
    • Controlling Flash Content with the Presentation Control Bar
    • Enabling Sufficient Slide Time for Interactive Flash SWF Files
    • Importing Video to a Slide or a Slide Bar
    • Record Video for Placement into a Slide or Slide Side Bar
    • Editing a Video
  • Unit 6: Adding Quizzes

    • Adding Quiz Questions
    • Adding Quiz Question Groups
    • Importing Quizzes and Questions
    • Setting Quiz Navigation Properties
    • Customising the Appearance of Quiz Slides
    • Customising Feedback Messages
    • Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
    • Adding Audio to Quiz Slides
    • Reviewing Tips and Tricks
  • Unit 7: Administrating Adobe Connect Pro

    • Managing Account Settings
    • Managing Users and Groups
    • Viewing and Editing Presentation Information
    • Managing Cost Centers
    • Managing Compliance and Control Settings
    • Customizing All Meeting Rooms (Administrator Only)
  • Unit 8: Managing the Adobe Connect Pro content Library
    OPTIONAL & if time permits and has been purchased:

    • Understanding the Structure of the Content Library
    • Managing and Organising Content
    • Viewing and Editing Presentation Information
    • Downloading Presentations
    • Searching for Presentations
    • Uploading Content to the Content Library
    • Viewing Content Reports
  • Unit 9: Adobe Presenter Video Creator
    OPTIONAL & if time permits and has been purchased:

    • How to launch the application
    • Recording options
    • The interface
    • Adding branding
    • Pan & Zoom functionality
    • Trimming
    • Display layouts
    • Project settings
    • Zooming in and out on the timeline
    • Publishing the project

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