We are our people

webqem is essentially a collective noun. We are nothing but the sum total of the incredible skill, passion, brain-power, tenacity, sweat and occasional tears of the amazing team that make up our organisation.

We really do believe there's a genuine difference to be found in our people. We're always learning and evolving - but each and every member of the team at webqem is an experienced, senior practician; as interested in the needs and goals behind the solution as the solution itself.

What we're made of

Creative 13%
Development 27%
Production 26%
Tech Services 17%
Solutions 17%

Team head count

Team head count 50

Gender split

Gender split 60:40

Less blokey than the industry average


Multiculturalism map

Average age

Average age 33 Years

Mobile preference

Mobile preference

Drug of choice

Drug of choice

Average years on-board

5 years on-board

We don't use handcuffs so there must be some other reason people stay so long :-)