99 Bikes

Leading bike retailer shifts into top gear

When 99 Bikes needed a complete overhaul of their online store, they came to webqem to create a whole new eCommerce experience.

The Solution

Online growth to match a rapid retail store expansion

Since opening in Brisbane in 2007, a great philosophy and approach has seen 99 Bikes grow to 38 locations nationally (and counting). An online retailer since launch, 99 Bikes had outgrown their existing Magento 1 site and needed a modern, streamlined solution that would provide a better customer experience and a whole new way to manage their extensive product range online.

The result - an entirely new eCommerce solution based on Magento 2 - saw revenue more than double and conversions leap over 60%.

The Process

Putting it all together

Meeting to scope out the project, the teams from webqem and 99 Bikes workshopped requirements over several sessions, fleshing out the features with an over-arching goal:

"Rebuild the existing site from the ground up on Magento 2 Enterprise for stability, and future-proof for omni channel growth."

Key objectives included:

  • Improve site speed and performance
  • More effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • A lift in conversion and total transaction volumes
  • Make it much easier to browse and buy on mobiles and other devices
  • Ensure a seamless integration with the stores' POS system
  • Build for omnichannel fulfilment with products in-store available for Click & Collect

Site Design

Sharp design, with a focus on usability

The design is bold and consistent, with a commercial edge that helps to build further on customer's trust in the store. Intentionally ‘flat’ and clean, the styling allows the products to really stand out and, where possible, high resolution ‘retina’ images provide a real sense of quality and allow more detailed views.

Clear and consistent use of design elements – in particular for key calls-to-action – reduces the user’s learning curve as they navigate the site.


Find just what you need. And fast.

From the casual cyclist or parent looking for their kid's first bike, to the amateur enthusiast or elite rider – everyone has different needs and a different way of thinking about how to find what they need.

Providing multiple paths to find products, users can choose to browse by categories, different types of bikes and riding styles or by brand. Comprehensive filtering – with a price band slider – helps to refine choices further.

Magento 2

Just as slick behind the scenes

The move to Magento 2 from Magento 1 means it's now easier and faster to create and maintain products on the site with a drag-and-drop merchandising tool for category pages and easy set-up of landing and content pages.

Magento 2's robust integration options have allowed the site to become a seamless, additional retail arm of the business - connecting directly with the business' POS system for real-time stock levels.
For regular customers, the site allows multiple stored shipping addresses and credit card details stored on a separate secure payment gateway for a super-fast checkout.
It's not just the checkout process that's quick. With full, dynamic page caching storing elements locally on the user's cache, the time to navigate and display pages is drastically reduced.

The Engine

The Technology


    Magento 2

    A feature-rich eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility


    Retail Express

    Australia's #1 POS platform


    eWAY / PayPal / zipMoney

    eWAY, zipMoney and PayPal provide multiple payment options for users to choose from


    ALGOLIA Search

    Advanced search engine provides typo-tolerance, synonym recognition and instant results with each keystroke


    Veeps Hosting

    Fully managed, scalable, eCommerce performance-tuned hosting


    Google Analytics

    Measuring sales and conversions, and providing fresh insights into visitor use


Sprint Finish

The Performance

8 weeks post launch. Year-on-year stats

"Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2, integrating with our POS system and building a whole new, engaging user experience was no mean feat. Choosing the right partner for such a business-critical project is so important and the results, within 3 months of going live – particularly with conversion and revenue – are testament to that."
Thomas Dodd
99 Bikes eCommerce Manager