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Accor Plus is Asia Pacific’s most expansive travel, dining and lifestyle program.

Marking the program's 21st anniversary year, the brand was refreshed with a focus on lifestyle. At webqem, we were charged with scoping and designing the new online presence.

Creating a wholenew digital experience

In close collaboration with the Accor Plus team we gained a deep understanding of how the program works and just what members wanted from it, identifying what was missing from the existing site and how the experience needed to evolve.

Accor's old site

    Not immediately clear that this is one of the world's leading reward programs


    Users are not drawn in and encouraged to discover more


    Existing members need to clearly understand how to enjoy their benefits


    An over-emphasis on function, rather than the lifestyle experience offered by the brand


    Built for desktop with limited support for mobiles

A deep dive into customerneeds & business goals

Accor Accor Accor

Workshops with local and international teams uncovered the need for a big shift in approach and revealed the key requirements needed to transform the brand.

  • A focus on destinations and lifestyle

  • Integration with existing booking & login systems

  • Easy discovery of rewards and booking options

  • Culturally sensitive for Asia-Pacific countries and multiple languages

  • Need to target increasing number of mobile visitors

  • A rich user experience, not just a rewards redemption site


A brand revolutionised

A focus on destinations that includes experiences and offers, discoverable through a map.

Creation of an inviting, rich user experience, through incorporation of the brand’s engaging imagery.

Accor on iPad
Accor on iPad

Designed to ensure ease of multilingual delivery as well as cultural flexibility.

Careful design consideration of iconography, fonts and image choice.

Accor on iPad

Responsive design provides a seamless experience on every device, creating a great mobile experience

Accor on laptop
Accor on tablet
Accor on phone

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