Enhancing the WHOLE Customer Journey through mobile experiences


Digitally enabling Australia's fastest growing automotive brand

With a focus on providing the best possible experience to customers both before, during and after purchase, we've helped Hyundai implement an integrated, best-of-breed mobile digital solution across the business.


It's all in the planning

Creating stand-alone digital solutions might meet a particular, specific need at any given time, but to get a flexible, long-term return on investment takes some serious up-front planning.

Looking at the challenges across the organisation – from marketing through to the dealer network and after-sales – we worked closely with each department and Hyundai’s IT team.

Joining the dots and forming a cohesive picture of requirements enabled the development of a digital, strategic roadmap...

What are the key business goals?
Who are our users and what do we need to help them achieve?
Where will content come from and how will it be maintained?
What devices and orientations do we need to support?
What platforms will support the goals now and into the future?

A series of workshops explored a range of questions


The Strategic Roadmap

Clear goals for first phase release

  • Supporting the dealer network with digital tools to increase customer experience and provide efficiencies.
  • Engaging potential customers with rich, easy-to-access, immediately available information.
  • Providing new and existing owners with a premium digital experience to make the most of their Hyundai.
  • Build a future-proof, scalable and enterprise-wide solution.

Digital Brochures

  • Comprehensive range of tablet publications covers every vehicle
  • Always up-to-date information in the hands of the consumer
  • Enhanced content over print versions with interactive components and video
  • Connects customers to dealers to book a test drive
  • Sales aid on showroom floor and at-hand rich information for dealers

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Dealer Handover App

  • A Dealer-only app ensures a great experience for the customer picking up their new car, and a consistent process for handover.
  • Key features demonstration including elements that can’t be experienced in the showroom (such as ABS)
  • Efficiencies and accountability introduced through dealer checklists, real-time data connection and detailed reporting

Accessories App

  • Rich, engaging app encourages after-sales purchases
  • Interactive exploration of every Hyundai accessory – displayed on every car in every colour.
  • Price every accessory and create a wishlist to share with dealer

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Genesis Launch Tablets

  • Providing a premium customer experience for the launch of new high end vehicle
  • A tablet for each customer, Hyundai branded, with user manuals, service and warranty information, videos and more useful apps pre-loaded.

Technologies Used


Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

AEM Mobile (formerly Adobe DPS) platform was chosen to deliver a cost-effective, easily updated user experience across mobile platforms.

Measurable engagement and personalisation through entitlement, geo-location and leverage of big data.

Easy distribution of existing MyHundai Print magazine in digital format.

Adobe Phone Gap

Adobe Phone Gap wrapped, cross-platform apps for reduced development overhead chosen versus native apps.


Ooyala video streaming integrates across digital publications and apps and provides fine-grained analytics.


Continuing the journey...

Mobile digital strategies take a continuous, evolving path.

Rapidly changing technology and a fast-moving business environment means there's never time to stand-still. But the right foundation can ensure future-proofed, scaled efficiencies enterprise-wide.